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Increasing Iran incursion | Iranian-backed militias woo tribesmen and recruit nearly 300 young men in 60 days in Al-Raqqah countryside

Militias backed by Iraq and Iran are active in the south-eastern countryside of Al-Raqqah, from Al-Sabkhah area in the south-eastern countryside of Al-Raqqah to Maadan area.

These militias recruit young men into their ranks and woo tribesmen by luring them with monthly salaries and services, similar to their policy with the residents of Deir Ezzor countryside.

These militias provide the residents monthly salaries of nearly 300,000 Syrian pounds and monthly food aid for half a month of work.

Since last November, the militias have recruited more than 280 young men in two months.

According to SOHR sources, the fresh recruits undergo a security study before being accepted to join the rank of the militia by officers of the Lebanese Hezbollah.

The new recruits were then subjected to an intellectual and cultural course for several weeks, not exceeding three months, at the Cultural Office in Maadan, east of Al-Raqqah. They are then subjected to military courses under the supervision of officers of the Lebanese Hezbollah.

Iranian-backed militias also gather at the outskirts of Al-Tabqah military airport, Dibsi Faraj and Dibsi Afnan in the western countryside, all the way to Al-Safirah area in the eastern countryside of Aleppo, where Al-Fatimiyoun Brigade and Lebanese Hezbollah are also present there. The sugar plant in Maskanah, east of Aleppo, is one of the largest gatherings of these militias.