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Arrests campaign | Regime patrols arrest 14 civilians in Rif Dimashq following attack on Republican Guard checkpoint and anti-regime graphics

Rif Dimashq province: Two Republican Guard patrols have carried out a raid and arrests campaign in Qudsaya city in Rif Dimashq following the attack on one of the Republican Guard checkpoints in two phases. The first attack took place in the morning and the second was around 8 pm.

The patrols have raided a number of houses and residential neighbourhoods near Omar bin Abdulaziz mosque next to Basil Al-Assad school on the outskirts of the city, arrest nine young menwho were taken to the capital Damascus for interrogation about the evening demonstration that took place in one of the city’s neighbourhoods, where demonstrators demanded the release of the detainees and the overthrow of the regime.

At nearly 8 a.m., patrols raided the area and deployed checkpoints in Qus Qudsaya area and the area between the city and Al-Waroud neighbourhood, arresting five civilians.

This comes in light of the state of anger and tension that pervades areas controlled by the regime forces and the rejection of the deteriorating living conditions and the tightened grip of the security services of the regime.

On January 4, A lieutenant and a member of the Republican Guard forces were injured when unidentified gunmen, on a motorcycle, with a silencer opened fire at a military post near Al-Saboura area on the outskirts of Damascus yesterday.

The two men were taken to a Damascus hospital for treatment after the gunmen fled to an unknown destination