The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

More members in the regime forces killed in the airbase of Kwayres, including 12 officers

Aleppo Province:

The rebel factions launched some shells after midnight on places in the neighborhood of Jam’iyyat al- Zahraa in the west of Aleppo.


Violent clashes took places after midnight between the regime forces and allied militiamen against the rebel and Islamist factions around the neighborhood of Bani Zeid, information reported casualties on both sides. Other clashes between IS and the regime forces are still taking place around the airbase of Kwayres in the east of Aleppo.


The number of members of the regime forces who were killed in the violent attack carried out by IS on the airbase of Kwayres, and which accompanied by detonating 3 booby-trapped vehicles, has risen to 18, including 12 officers, 2 of them generals and 1 captain. The same clashes resulted in the death of 26 IS militants.