The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

IS seizes some houses in the city of Palmyra, and gives a time limit for the government employees to “repent”


Homs Province:

Cross-cutting sources from the city of Palmyra informed SOHR that IS seized houses owned by doctors from the city and who were inhabited in it, after they left the city earlier. IS also gave a time limit of 1 month for some employees who are still working in government jobs and that they will seize their houses in case of not coming for “declaring their repentance”.


Several mortar shells landed on the neighborhood of al- Wa’er in Homs city causing material damages. Other shells landed on the regime-held area of al- Dananir in the north of Homs with no information about victims.


A man from the city of Palmyra died due to aerial bombardment on the western entrance of the city.