The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Building collapse | Ten displaced people from Afrin died in Aleppo’s Al-Sheikh Maqsoud neighbourhood and rescue teams continue to search for stranded and missing

Aleppo people: Syrian Observatory activists have reported that ten civilians, displaced from Afrin city, died as an initial death toll due to the collapse of building of five floors in the early hours of Sunday morning in an area “Maarouf,” located in Al-Sheikh Maqsoud neighbourhood near Al-Salam mosque in Aleppo city which is under the control of Kurdish forces, while the causes of the collapse of the building are not yet known.

SOHR sources have reported that the building houses five families of 23 people, most of them are still stuck under the rubble, amid rushing ambulance and rescue teams to get them out and panic prevailing in the area.

Emergency teams have been able to retrieve a 15-year-old alive, while searches are still underway to get those stranded under the rubble.