The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

About 20 civilians killed and wounded in aerial bombardment on Ma’arrat Mesrin in the countryside of Idlib

Idlib Province:

The warplanes struck a field hospital area in the town of Ma’arrat Mesrin after midnight leading to kill 2 children while 15 others were wounded, most of them childen.


The helicopters dropped barrel bombs after midnight on areas in the village of la- Hamidiyya in the south od the city of Ma’arrat al- Nu’man and on other areas in the town of Jbala on the outskirts of Jabal al- Zaweya. The warplanes attacked after midnight areas in the village of Kanisat Nakhla in Jeser al- Shogour causing material damages.


Suspected ground-to-ground missile, launched by the regime forces, landed on the city of Khan Sheikhoun in the south of Idlib with no i9nformation about victims.