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Switzerland demands justice for Syrian chemical attack

A report by the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) says the Syrian air force is probably responsible for the attack that killed 43 people and injured many more.

Two cylinders of chlorine gas are believed to have dropped from a helicopter on a residential area of the town, which is 10 kilometres from the Syrian capital of Damascus.

“Switzerland strongly condemns the use of chemical weapons and demands that all parties to the conflict in Syria refrain from using chemical weapons and comply with the obligations of international humanitarian law,” the Swiss government stated on Friday.

“Those responsible for crimes against international law in Syria must be held accountable.”

Switzerland said it would use its seat on the United National Security Council to strengthen the International Criminal Court to “curb the rampant climate of impunity for the most serious crimes and to ensure the protection of the civilian population and other victims of war.”

Switzerland’s first action on the Security Council was to back a successful resolution to extend humanitarian aid in Syria.

The Alpine state embarked on a historic first seat on the Security Council at the start of this year.


Source: SWI

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