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Amid press releases and unfulfilled promises | Prices of basic products continue to increase in Damascus

SOHR activists have reported ongoing increase in prices of food supplies and poor purchasing power in light of the poor financial situation.


The living conditions of residents is deteriorating in Damascus, as well as all areas under the control of the Syrian regime, in light of the increase in prices of all basic products, including food, medicines and fuel. In addition, the income of residents does not match the skyrocketing prices at a time when the regime government have failed so far to deal with these chronic crises.


In this context, SOHR sources reported that the price of meat has reached a level unaffordable by the many, while the prices of vegetables have increased greatly.


During a tour in markets, SOHR activists reported the latest prices of basic products, which are set as follows:


  • Chicken meat: 20,000 SYP a kilogram.


  • Roasted chicken: 50,000 SYP a kilogram.


  • Lamb meat: 45,000 SYP a kilogram.


  • Veal: 48,000 SYP a kilogram.


  • Eggs: 21,000 SYP a pack.


  • Tomato: 1,400 SYP a kilogram.


  • Potato: 1,400 SYP a kilogram.


  • Cabbage: 650 SYP a kilogram.


  • Cauliflower: 850 SYP a kilogram.


  • Egg plant: 2,200 SYP a kilogram.


  • Pepper: 3,000 SYP a kilogram.


  • Garlic: 1,500 SYP a kilogram.


  • Noodle: 500 SYP a kilogram.


  • Basmati rice: 1,000 SYP a kilogram.


  • Beans: 700 SYP a kilogram.


  • Mortadella: 3,500 SYP a pack.


  • Cooking oil: 18,000 SYP a litre.


  • Fish: From 50,000 to 110,000 SYP a kilogram in markets of the coastal city of Latakia.


The disastrous living situation and inaction of regime government have forced the residents to find temporary solutions in light of the available capabilities, where the residents of Da’el town have released a campaign dubbed “Da’el Uprising”; an initiative to collect donations for securing drinking water from artesian wells. It is worth noting that the campaign managed to collect 1,200,000,000 SYP in a week, where the money was offered by donors living abroad to implement ten service projects.


On the other hand, the Syrian regime government has continued to issue press releases, promising to implement service projects contributing to improving the residents’ living conditions, while these promises remain unfulfilled and contravene the situation on the ground.


In this context, a member of the Trade Chamber of Damascus “Masaan Nahhas” stated that the delivery of some basic products, such as sugar, to Syria was delayed, which resulted in the increase of their prices. The official confirmed that all basic products and food supplies, including sugar, cooking oil and tea, would be delivered soon, and that the situation in the incoming days would be better.


With the currently-increasing prices, residents in areas controlled by the Syrian regime are struggling with dreadful living conditions, where the monthly salary of an employee is not enough for more than three days, amid inaction by the regime government which continues misdealing crises and economic hardship and seems satisfied with press releases and unfulfilled promises.