Quarrel and tension | "4th Division" members insult and beat government employees in Homs refinery • The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights
The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Quarrel and tension | “4th Division” members insult and beat government employees in Homs refinery

Homs province: This morning, a quarrel erupted at the main entrance checkpoint of the oil refinery in Homs city between members of the “4th Division” with staff of the refinery.

According to SOHR sources, the main cause of the problem was the request of a keeper of the main door from a tanker driver of the convoy escorted by a “4th Division” patrol to head towards the “Kabban” to confirm the weight of the oil tonnage “diesel” before emptying it into the tanks in preparation for refining.

Members of the patrol refused to comply with the directives of the staff member, who assured his colleagues of the lack of quantity in one of the tanks. The driver of the tanker was beaten and insulted by members of the “4th Division.”

Although some tank drivers and staff tried to intervene to solve the dispute, patrol members declared the weapon threatened to fire bullets at anyone attempting to advance.

A police patrol arrived from the refinery and transported the staff member for treatment for two broken hands and feet.

The Syrian Observatory obtained confirmed information showing the mechanism of stealing oil and fuel convoys coming from areas of north-eastern Syria to the refineries of Homs and Baniyas by members of the regime patrol.

Large quantities of diesel are discharged into a petrol station in Al-Farqalas area before the convoy enters its destination in coordination with the owner of the station, who receives a portion of the money for facilitating the sale of stolen diesel to black market traders.

The 4th Division prevents any convoy of oil in north-eastern Syria from reaching regime-held areas without being escorted by a patrol of the faction to facilitate stealing the diesel without daring anyone to hold them accountable.