The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Deaths in aerial bombardment on the town of Jesr al-Shoghour

Idlib Province:

A fighter from the Islamic factions died during clashes with NDF and People’s Committees under the supervision of the groups leaders of Hezbollah in the vicinity of the towns of Kafrayya and al-Fou’aa , which are inhabited by Shiite citizens, also the helicopters dropped 2 barrel bombs on areas in the Bestan Ghannoum and a hospital area in Idlib, while warplanes re-bombed areas in the city of Idlib, and information about casualties and deaths, while three people from one family were killed when warplanes targeted area in Jesr al-Shoghour city, while information received about the arrest of two people by an Islamic faction on charges of “throwing chips for warplanes and specifying targets for the regime” in Zradna area, while the regime forces launched two missiles on areas in the town of Ma’aarrat Mesrin, no information about casualties, while the warplanes bombed areas in the village of Belyon in Jabal al-Zawiyah, no information about injuries, the helicopters dropped 2 barrel bombs on areas in Kafr Awad, no information about casualties.