The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Ongoing violations | “National Army” factions continue felling olive trees and seizure of civilian houses in Afrin

Aleppo province: SOHR sources have reported that members of Al-Sham Corps felled nearly 70 olive trees near Ghazzawiyah village in Shirawa district in Afrin countryside in north-western Aleppo for selling them as fire logs. It is worth noting that the trees belong to two civilians from Afrin city.


On the other hand, a member of “Ahrar Al-Sharqiyah” faction sold a house in Afrn Al-Jadidah neighbourhood for 1,500 USD. The house belongs to a civilian from Khalnirah village.


Moreover, Sultan Murad faction took over several shops belonging to a civilian from Al-Zahraa city in the northern countryside of Aleppo and rented them for 60 USD a shop.


In January, SOHR documented several violations in “Olive Branch” area, including the following:


-58 incidents of felling fruit-bearing trees by factions of Turkish-backed “National Army,” where over 2,765 olive trees were cut down in several areas in villages and districts of Afrin.


-Two incidents of seizure of farmlands in Jendires district in Afrin countryside with the aim of establishing a residential complex dubbed “Ajnadeen Felasteen Village” for settling families of Turkish-backed militiamen.


-Three thefts by “National Army” factions as follows:


  • Two thefts carried out by Al-Sham Corps militiamen when they took over nearly ten 20-litre tins of olive oil in Basoufan village, stealing electrical appliances and 20-litre tins of olive oil in Kabasheen village in Shirawa district.


  • One incident of taking over a civilian’s motorcycle and mobile phone by force by Jaysh Al-Islam militiamen in Ain Hajar village.