The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Daily de*ath toll | 23 persons ki*lled on February 4 across Syria

Further details of fatalities, documented by SOHR, can be summarised as follows:

A person from Bab Al-Nairab neighbourhood in Aleppo died under brutal torturing in the 215th branch of the Military Intelligence, three years after being arrests.

one person was killed when Tribal clashes renewed between cousins of “Al-Barij” tribe in Jadida Khabor village in eastern Al-Raqqa countryside, due to old disputes that escalated to armed clashes.

The body of an unidentified young man in his 30s was found at the banks of Al-Aasy river near Al-Alany village in Salkin countryside western of Idlib.

A child died under a collapsing building in Al-Fardous neighbourhood in Aleppo.

The body of a new-born baby with marks of bites by stray dogs was found near “Anas Ibn Malek” mosque in Al-Rashdiyah neighbourhood in Deir Ezzor city which is under the control of regime forces and Iranian-backed militias.

An unidentified young man was found dead and dumped near the border strip between Syria and Iraq. The hands of the man, who is suggested to be Iraqi, were tied.

A police officer in Al-Sha’lan area in Damascus city was killed, as a group of three unidentified individuals blocked his car and stabbed him eight times with sharp tools.

A regime soldier was shot dead by HTS members on Saraqib frontline in eastern Idlib countryside.

Seven regime soldiers were killed in an attack by members of “Uthman Ibn Affan” Brigade, which belongs to HTS, on regime positions in Jabal Al-Akrad.

Six members of “Uthman Ibn Affan” Brigade, which belongs to HTS, due to the shelling and infiltration operation on Tel Al-Borkan frontline in northern Lattakia countryside.

Two members of the regime’s National Defence were killed due to the explosion of an IED that was planted by unidentified gunmen, who are believed to belong to ISIS, targeting a military vehicle near Al-Hail oil field eastern of Al-Sokhna area in eastern Homs countryside.