The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Amid ongoing efforts to recover bodies from under rubble | De*ath toll of Syria’s earthquake reaches 1,970

SOHR activists have reported that the number of Syrians killed due to the violent earthquake, which hit Syria yesterday dawn, has increased to 1,970 people, as well as the injury of 2,000 others. The fatalities are distributed as follows:


  • 1,056 people in regime-controlled areas.


  • 914 people in areas controlled by the “Salvation Government” and the “Syrian Interim Government” with 120 of the total death toll documented in Atareb city in the western countryside of Aleppo.


The violent earthquake also caused total and partial damage to buildings in 72 villages, towns and cities in the middle, north-west and west of Syria.


It is worth noting that ongoing increase in the number of fatalities is attributed to the inability of medical and rescue teams to save injured people and survivors stranded under rubble and inability of rescue teams to reach many areas affected by the earthquake in light of the poor capabilities.


The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights appeals to international authorities to interfere immediately to save injured people and survivors in light of the poor capabilities of Syrian rescue teams.


SOHR also calls upon Turkish authorities to receive injured Syrian people in hospitals in Turkey and send Turkish medical teams to the disaster-stricken areas.