The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Assistance to earthquake-affected areas | Turkish-backed factions obstruct entry of ” Autonomous Administration” aid convoy

Humanitarian convoy has set off from areas controlled by the “Autonomous Administration” towards rebel-controlled areas in north-west of Syria, through Um Jeloud crossing, in the north-eastern countryside of Aleppo.

The convoy consists of urgent aid and fuel, where the number of the oil trucks was about 100 to operate the machineries in the devastating earthquake-affected areas.

According to sources, Turkish-backed factions are blocking the humanitarian aid convoy, because they have received no Turkish instructions to allow the entry of the convoy to areas under their control.

It is noteworthy that Um Jeloud crossing connects areas controlled by SDF and its military councils with areas held by Turkish-backed factions, where hundreds of Syrian oil trucks had crossed every day, under the supervision of factions that control the crossing.