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For two consecutive days | Ga*ng of “National Army” tries to kid*nap “Aya,” infant born under rubble, from hospital in Afrin

Aleppo province: A military group of Al-Sultan Murad Division broke into “Cihan” hospital in Afrin, at gunpoint, assaulted and verbally abused the manager of the hospital and the medical staff, in an attempt to kidnap “Aya” and give her to the regime for large sums of money.


That is the third attempt in 48 hours, however the attempts ended in failure.


It is noteworthy that the infant was born under the rubble in Jindris, where all of her relatives died in the earthquake that hit the country. There are several organisations that made appeals and multimillion-dollar offers for adopting her, and that is what pushed the weak-spirited of some factions to broke into the hospital, trying to kidnap the child, due to their material greed.


Huge sums of money were also paid to obtain this infant, by one of the officers from the regime’s republican palace, in the name of some traders from Damascus to adopt her, under the name of a charity organisation. However, the organisation was found belonging to “Asmaa Al-Assad” the wife of regime president.


As the infant has taken great interaction and acquaintance through social media platforms, the regime tries to kidnap her to polish its image in front of the global media and claim that it happens in areas it controls.


In the same context, factions of so-called “National Army” which is loyal to Turkey are continuing violations and repressive actions against civilians, in order to achieve material gains, ignoring international covenants and human rights.