The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Heavy shelling using rockets and explosive barrels on the city of Darayya and more deaths in the Eastern Ghouta

Rif Dimashq Province

It rose to at least 6, including a boy the number of people who were killed by the bombing of warplanes for the second day in a row on the areas in the town of KafrBatna in the Eastern Ghouta , also the regime forces shelled using two missiles believed to ground-to-ground areas in Darayya in the Western Ghouta , in conjunction with the launching several shells at the north of the city, and activists accused the regime forces of using gases in the bombing, which caused several casualties among the factions fighters, amid sporadic clashes between the rebel and Islamic factions against the regime forces and the militiamen loyal to them in the vicinity of the city, and bombing by warplanes on areas in the city, while the helicopters dropped 12 barrel bombs on areas in the city of Darayya, the regime forces also targeted areas on the outskirts of Ma’addamyyat al-Sham, in conjunction with opening machinegun fire on areas in the east of the city, also regime forces targeted areas in the vicinity of Kanaker town in the Western Ghouta, no information about casualties, while regime forces opened sniper fire on the village of Berhelya in Wadi Barada.