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Building collapsed in Homs | Residents of cracked houses fear new earthquakes

Homs province: A residential building near Al-Makateb Square in Al-Bayada neighbourhood in Homs city collapsed today without any casualties, amid fear among residents of new earthquakes and their effect of the cracked buildings.

Neighbourhoods of Homs Al-Qadima city are considered a threat to the safety of the lives of the residents, especially Al-Khalidiyah, Al-Qosor, Al-Qarabis and Jorat Al-Shiyah neighbourhoods in the centre of the city, in addition to Al-Bayada and Deir Baalaba neighbourhoods on the eastern outskirts of Homs city, causing fear among civilians after discovering new cracks on the buildings, following the earthquakes that hit Homs city recently.

Regime forces and their proxies are considered responsible for the collapse of the infrastructure of Homs city and the primary cause for the cracking of buildings and residential houses that have been shelled for four consecutive years, during the control of opposition factions over these neighbourhoods with the Syrian revolution.

Earlier, SOHR camera roamed among the residential buildings inside Jorat Al-Shiyah and Al-Khalidiyah neighbourhoods to monitor the state of the buildings, amid fear of the collapse of buildings over them in case a new earthquake hits.