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US forces injured in security operation | US army leadership reveals identity of a person targeted by the operation

Deir Ezzor province: The US army leadership revealed the identity of a person, who was killed during the operation yesterday in north eastern of Syria.

The victim is called Hamza Al-Homsy and he is a prominent commander of ISIS, were he was hosted by a person in Al-Hajna village in northern Deir Ezzor countryside, where the host was killed as well.

Moreover, four members of the US forces were also injured during the operation.

According to reliable SOHR sources, the US forces and SDF managed to kill three people in two separate locations in Deir Ezzor countryside, with aerial support by International Coalition helicopters.

The International Coalition forces confirmed the death of an ISIS commander called “Ibrahim Al-Qahtany” in an airstrike committed by its forces with participation of anti-terrorism units of SDF, five days after SOHR announced the death of two ISIS commanders, one of which is Syrian and the other is Iraqi, on February 10.
It is worth noting that the commander who was targeted was responsible for planning the attacks of prisons and detention centres holding ISIS members within SDF-held areas, where weapons and ammunition were in his possession.
On February 10, units of the anti-terrorism forces of SDF, with aerial support from the International Coalition, launched a campaign to pursue ISIS cells in the vicinity of Abo Al-Naital village in northern Deir Ezzor countryside, where clashes erupted between them and ISIS members with machineguns, causing the death of a Syrian member and an Iraqi commander of ISIS, coinciding with International Coalition firing flare grenades over the region.
Earlier today, SOHR sources reported that an SDF patrol, backed by International Coalition helicopters, stormed a house this dawn in the area between Al-Sabha and Ibriha in the eastern countryside of Deir Ezzor, along with blocking roads leading to that area.

Via loudspeakers, SDF forces asked the suspect, who was called “Muhannad Al-Saray Al-Fadgham,” to surrender, but he refused. Clashes erupted between the two sides, which led to the death of the suspect. It is worth noting that Al-Fadgham was an ISIS commander, and he had been arrested and released on several occasions.