The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

New IS-IS attack | 46 civilians kil-led near Iranian garrison in Homs desert

Homs province: 46 civilians from Al-Sokhna area were killed in an attack by ISIS members on their motorbikes today, while the civilians were collecting truffle in Al-Dabyat area in southern Al-Sokhna countryside in Homs desert.

Moreover, seven ISIS members including one officer were killed, while some people managed to escape and leave the area.

Accordingly, SOHR activists have documented the death of 53 people, including seven military fighters.

It is worth noting that Al-Dabyat area contains a field producing natural gas, and also contains a garrison of the Iranian militias.

Earlier today, ISIS cells released 25 people, who were kidnapped on February 12, while they were collecting truffle in Palmyra area in eastern Homs desert after they were investigated and it was confirmed that they had no connection to regime forces and its militias, while the fate of 34 other people remains unknown.

On February 14, SOHR activists reported that the number of people who were executed by ISIS cells has risen to 16, who were kidnapped a few days ago, while they were collecting truffle in Palmyra desert within eastern Homs countryside, including a woman and a regime soldier, while the fate of nearly 59 other people remains unknown.
Residents found the bodies of five people in the Syrian desert, four of which were found in one location.