The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

11 Deaths in several areas of the city of Daraa and the regime forces target the countryside of al-Quneitra

Daraa Province:

The helicopters dropped more than 8 barrel bombs on areas in the town of al-Yadudeh in the countryside of Daraa, followed by shelling by the regime forces on areas in the town, no information about the casualties, the regime forces also shelled areas in the towns of Otman and Sayda but no information about casualties, while a woman died after shells launched by the Islamic factions landed on regime forces controlled areas in Daraa al-Mahatta in the city of Daraa yesterday, also a lady died when the warplanes carried out raids on areas in the neighborhood of Tariq al-Sadd in Daraa city, while 8 fighters from the rebel and Islamic factions died during the bombardment and clashes with the regime forces and the militiamen loyal to them in the city of Daraa, while a young man killed by a sniper shot in Namer town in the countryside of Daraa.


Al-Quneitra Province:

The regime forces opened the fire of heavy machine guns on areas in the town of Ofanya in the countryside of Al-Quneitra, no information about casualties, also the regime forces shelled areas between al-Ajraf, Western and Eastern al-Samadaniyya ,Ofanya, MasHara and Khan Arnaba no information about casualties.