The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

New vio*lent earthquake | Five Syrians di*e and over 500 others inj*ured, while extreme pa*nic forces civilians to stay in the open

SOHR activists have documented the death of five Syrian civilians in regime-controlled areas in different provinces, after having sustained cardiac arrests over extreme panic which they felt when a new violent earthquake hit Syria on Monday evening. The fatalities are distributed as follows:


  • A little girl in Tartus.


  • A woman in Hama.


  • Three persons in Aleppo.


Meanwhile, at least 500 people were taken to hospitals and medical centres in all zones of influence across Syria, as they had sustained various injuries due to the earthquake; they are distributed as follows:


  • Over 150 cases in north-west Syria.


  • At least 350 cases in regime-controlled areas in Aleppo, Hama, Latakia, Tartus and Idlib provinces.


The injured people suffered from fractures, cuts and bruises, as some were hit with rocks falling from buildings affected by the earthquake, some were injured because of scramble, while others suffered from panic attacks.


The new earthquake has triggered panic among the residents who have chosen to stay in the open, cars, buses, public halls, hospitals and parks, despite the freezing temperature, fearing violent aftershocks.


Yesterday, SOHR sources reported that a violent earthquake hit areas in the south of Turkey and north of Syria, causing the collapse of a cracked house in Jinderes in Afrin countryside and the damage of parts of buildings in Al-Atareb, leaving more many civilians injured, after having jumped from over buildings and windows. Moreover, stones fell from several buildings in Salqin, Harim, Bosnya, Idlib, Khirbat Al-Jouz, Aleppo and Jabala.


In regime-held areas, however, damaged buildings collapsed in Al-Maydan and Al-Jamiliya neighbourhoods in Aleppo, and other buildings collapsed in Hama, leaving several civilians injured, while ambulances rushed to the affected areas.