The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Occupied Syrian Golan | Israel bombards military position of regime forces within “ceasefire” zone

Al-Qunaitrah province: A military position of regime forces north of Burj Al-Zira’a in “Bier Ajam” village within the “Ceasefire” zone in the liberated part of the Syrian Golan, was shelled by Israel with two tank shells, where no causalities were reported.


Israel continues infringing upon Syria’s sovereignty, as a part of the noticeable escalation which started in 2018, citing the large military presence of Iranian forces and their proxy militias as an excuse. Meanwhile, the Syrian Observatory is used to hearing the Syrian regime’s empty mantra that it always reserves the right to respond to Israeli attacks.


On February 25, SOHR reported that a regime soldier died by injuries he sustained after being directly shot by unidentified gunmen in the square of Nabe’ Al-Sakher town.