The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Started hunger strike a week ago | SOHR appeals to the president of the Supreme Judicial Council in Libya to release Syrians held in prisons

Tens of Syrians, who are held in a prison in Libya, have be been on a hunger strike for nearly a week, where their health situation is deteriorating, amid concerns over their lives. Meanwhile, the prison manager asked Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) (Doctor without Borders Organisation) to dispatch a medical team to check the health conditions of the detainees.


It is worth noting that 30 Syrian people, including three minors, started a hunger strike nearly a week ago, while Libyan authorities seems indifferent to their health situation. It is worth noting that those Syrians had arrested when they arrived in Libyan territory, before judicial authorities proved that they legally entered Libya. However, they have been still detained in the prison.


SOHR has obtained copies of documents showing some messages between the Reform and Rehabilitation Institution and the International Organization for Cooperation and Emergency Aid on one hand, and the prison administration and Libyan authorities.


We, at the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, appeal to advisor Muftah Al-Qawi, the president of the Supreme Judicial Council in Libya, to interfere immediately to release the Syrian detainees, allow them to stay in Libya and never deport them to Syria before they find a safe haven away from the devastating war in Syria.


We also appeal to the head of the UN delegation for support in Libya, Mr. Abdullah Batili, to mediate between Libyan authorities and human rights organisations to put an end to the tragedy of Syrian prisoners.