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For 5,000 USDs | Kidnapping gang releases civilian in Daraa countryside

Daraa province: A kidnapping gang released a young man working as a taxi driver and hails from Tafs city in the western Daraa countryside, five days after kidnapping him, after his family paid 5,000 USDs as ransom.

According to reliable SOHR sources, the gang initially demanded 50,000 USDs before decreasing the demand to 15,000 USDs. However, the kidnappers were given 5,000 USDs.

This comes in light of the ongoing security chaos in Daraa and regime-held areas.

On February 27, unidentified gunmen kidnapped a civilian from Ghasm village in eastern Daraa countryside on the road between Al-Jiza and Kahil towns in eastern of Daraa, while he was heading to a bakery store in Saida town, where the fate of the young man and the identity of the gang remain unknown.
About five months ago, unidentified persons kidnaped a young man from Daraa province. They contacted with his family several times demanding a ransom, last time was today when they asked for ten million SPs to release him, amid appeals by his family asking for help providing the sum as they do not have but their house which they offered for sale.