The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Old ven*detta | One ki*lled and another injured in armed clashes among relatives in eastern countryside of Al-Hasakah

Al-Hasakah province: A civilian was killed and another was injured in heavy armed clashes erupted because of an old revenge among relatives from Khuwailed and Al-Bouab villages within regime-held areas in the eastern countryside of Al-Hasakah.


It is noted that the death toll is likely to increase due to the ongoing tension among both villages’ residents.


On March 2, SOHR reported a dispute between two families in Al-Ghariyah town in Salkhad area in Al-Suwaidaa countryside. The dispute, which erupted for unknown reasons, evolved to clashes with arms and bladed weapons, which led to the death of a man and injury of his brother seriously.


Meanwhile, people from the town interfered to defuse the tension and settle the dispute, but some were injured because of cross fire.