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After threats by Ministry of Defence | Military mobilization among Turkish-backed factions in Aleppo

Aleppo province: Jarablus crossing in northern Aleppo countryside witnessed military mobilization of “Ahrar Al-Sham” faction of the Turkish-backed National Defence, after the resolution of the Ministry of Defence of the “Syrian Interim Government” to hand over the crossings to the Ministry and that the Military Police would manage the crossings, by orders of Turkey.

“Ahrar Al-Sham” faction controls Hamran crossing in Jarablus countryside north eastern of Aleppo, where the faction is accused of “stealing fuels and humanitarian aids that are brought to the region.”

According to reliable SOHR sources, members of “Ahrar Al-Sham” faction demanded half the amount of aids from those responsible for the convoy of humanitarian aids coming from Al-Raqqa, to allow the passage of the convoy through the crossing, where their demands were rejected.

Moreover, “Ahrar Al-Sham” faction distributes aids on those loyal to the faction, under the pretext that the faction distributed other aids on those affected by the earthquake.

On January 9, SOHR sources reported a state of tension between Sultan Murad Division and Ahrar Al-Sham Islamic Movement in the area of Al-Hamaran crossing in Jarabulus countryside in north-eastern Aleppo. This follows disagreements over the priority of dominating Al-Hamaran crossing which links areas controlled by the “National Army” and military formations operating under the banner of SDF in Manbij countryside in eastern Aleppo.

According to SOHR sources, Sultan Murad faction asked Ahrar Al-Sham Movement to hand over Al-Hamaran crossing, under an authorisation by the Defence Ministry of the “Interim Government,” while Ahrar Al-Sham refused to hand over the crossing and share revenue with the Defence Ministry of the “Interim Government.” Accordingly, Sultan Murad Division has amassed its troops.

In this context, Hayyaat Tahrir Al-Sham threatened to attack headquarters and camps of Sultan Murad Division in Afrin city in the northern countryside of Aleppo, in the case that Sultan Murad Division launched an attack on Al-Hamran crossing and imposed its control on the crossing by force.