The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Earthquake survivors | Wind storm uproots dozens of displaced people’s tents in NW Syria

A wind storm hit Syrian regions and strongly affected the camp area in north-western Syria and blew away tents.


The storm uprooted tens of tents in camps and resettlement centers on the outskirts of Jesr Al-Shughur city and Basmah camp near Zarzour, north of Jesr Al-Shughur.


Tens of makeshift tents that were newly set to house people who are affected by the earthquake in Jinderes in rural Afrin, were also damaged.


Meteorologists have warned of a wind storm hitting Syria that could reach a speed of about 100 kilometers per hour, starting on Monday morning until Tuesday evening.


Since early March, SOHR has reported that three children died in different times of severe burns they sustained due to a fire in their tent they were displaced to in Al-Ghazalah village north of Derkoush in the western countryside of Idlib.