The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Rif Dimashq | Armed groups attack vehicle carrying prisoners and Military Intelligence closes streets of Al-Zibdany and Midaya

Damascus province: Armed groups attacked a military patrol of the regime along with a vehicle carrying prisoners on the road between Al-Zibdany and Midaya cities in northern Rif Dimashq, to release one of the prisoners from the vehicle, where he was working with a local group before being arrested.

According to reliable SOHR sources, several prisoners managed to flee during the attack, where members of the Military Intelligence Department responded by bringing military reinforcements to Al-Zibdany and Midaya cities, amid closure of all roads, entrances and exits of the area to search for fleeing prisonoers.

Moreover, members of the Military Intelligence stormed houses of those fleeing in Midaya town and arrested five members of their families, stormed several houses in the town and violated the sanctity of the houses, and they were taken to security centres in Damascus.

This came in light of the ongoing security chaos in regime-held areas.

On February 24, unidentified gunmen threw a hand grenade at the house of a person collaborating with the regime’s security services in Zakiya area in Rif Dimashq, before fleeing to an unknown destination. However, no casualties were reported.