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Following qua*rrel over “dru*gs” | Clashes among tribe’s people in Minbij leave one de*ad

Aleppo province: A quarrel erupted among people of “Al-Kharaji” tribe over “drugs” in Al-Jourah neighbourhood in the center of Minbij city in the eastern countryside of Aleppo, the quarrel led to armed clashes which resulted in the death of one civilian, amid state of panic and chaos in the region and appeals by the notables to stop the ongoing fighting.


SOHR sources have reported a remarkable escalation in the rate of tribal and family infightings in February 2023, due to revenge and other reasons that come as a part of chaos and the random proliferation of weapons among civilians. SOHR has reported six tribal infightings, resulted in the death of six people and the injury of seven, within areas under control of “Autonomous administration”.


Accordingly, the number of infightings which followed disputes over retaliation and family and tribal disagreements in areas controlled by the Autonomous Administration has reached 16 since early 2023. According to SOHR statistics, these infightings left 13 people dead and 16 others, including two women, injured; they are distributed regionally as follows:


  • Deir Ezzor: 11 infightings left six people dead and eight others, including a woman, injured.


  • Al-Hasakah: Four infightings left five persons dead and five others injured, including a woman.


  • Al-Raqqah: One infightings left one person dead three others injured.


  • Aleppo countryside: One infightings left one person dead.