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Through Bab Al-Hawa | New UN convoy carrying aids enter north western of Syria

A new UN convoy carrying aids entered through Bab Al-Hawa to help those affected by the earthquake that hit north western of Syria and regime-held areas on February 6, where the convoy comprises 27 trucks carrying humanitarian aids including food baskets, flour and vegetable oil.

Yesterday, a UN humanitarian aid convoy crossed into areas in north-west Syria through Bab Al-Hawa border crossing to help those who have been affected by the earthquake. The convoy comprised 20 trucks carrying foodstuffs, medicine and food baskets.

Since the latest violent earthquake hit Syria on February 6, nearly 829 trucks carrying humanitarian assistance crossed into areas controlled by the “Salvation Government” and the “Syrian Interim Government” in north-west Syria; they are distributed as follows:

• 521 trucks crossed through Bab Al-Hawa crossing.

• 308 trucks crossed through Bab Al-Salama, Al-Ra’i and Al-Hamam crossings.