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Having arre*sted 15 days ago | “Syrian Free Army” releases three civilians, including child

The “Syrian Free Army” has released three activists, including child, among those who had been arrested in Al-Rukban camp15 days ago. Meanwhile, two other activists have been still held by the “Syrian Free Army”, one of whom appeared in a video footage while delivering statement issued by Palmyra tribes, condemning the siege imposed by Russia, regime forces and Iranian-backed militias on the camp.


On February 28, SOHR sources reported that the “Syrian Free Army” led by the colonel Farid Qasem has been detaining civilians from Al-Rukban camp in the 55-kilometre zone at the Syrian-Iraqi-Jordanian border. The faction was holding the civilians, including a 13-year-old child, for ten days in a prison of the faction, due to their activity and their calls for international aid access and intervention by the UN in the area.


Sources also informed SOHR that the faction continued arresting campaigns against activists in the camp for their activity.


Furthermore, military sources of the faction mentioned that the arrests in Al-Rukban camp started after a complaint by the residents of the camp, while SOHR sources confirmed that military members defrauded the civilians to sign complaint papers against the activists, after telling them that the papers are for receiving diesel. SOHR obtained a copy of those papers.


While on March 2, SOHR sources reported that “Palmyra and Syrian Desert” tribal council and “Al-Rukban” local council issued a statement, responding statements by the head of the Russian coordination centre in Syria, who said that “the US-backed factions hinder humanitarian access to Al-Rukban camp. The two councils condemned practices by regime forces and their proxy militias which impose stifling siege on the camp, accusing them of hindering the cross of humanitarian aid to the camp. “Palmyra and Syrian Desert” tribal council also called for registering the camp in the UN.