The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Searching for ISIS cells | Regime-backed militias head to Al-Raqqah desert

SOHR sources have reported that a large group comprising members of the National Defence Forces, Liwaa Al-Quds, Al-Qaterji militia and 17th Division headed to Al-Bishri desert in the south-east of Al-Raqqah with the aim of launching a large-scale campaign against ISIS cells in that region.


Moreover, Russian fighter jets executed several airstrikes yesterday on ISIS hideouts in Athariya desert.


Yesterday, SOHR sources reported seeing frequent flights by Russian fighter jets over the Syrian desert where they executed several airstrikes on the positions of “ISIS” cells in the Syrian desert and got close to the 55 kilometer de-confliction zone in the border area between Syria, Iraq and Jordan.


Russian aircraft targets positions where “ISIS” cells are likely to be located in different places in the Syrian desert from which they carry out attacks and ambushes on civilians or military personnel.