The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

To prevent protests | General Security Services of H*T*S launch wide range arrest campaigns near Idlib

Idlib province: The General Security Services of HTS launched a wide-range arrest campaign in Arab Saeed town near Idlib city, amid extensive security mobilization of armed members and armoured vehicles and arrested seven people, where they were taken to a security centre of HTS.

This comes after a call for protests that was launched by residents of Arab Saeed town, refusing the violations by security checkpoints and denouncing the appointment of a new official (mayor) of the town, who committed violations directly after being appointed and imposed his authority over the civilians.

As a precautionary measure, security services of HTS launched an arrest campaign against 20 people from the town, where they were forcefully taken before being released later. However, the fates of seven of them remains unknown in prisons of HTS.

SOHR sources reported that police men of Hayyaat Tahrir Al-Sham stormed a tent in Al-Karama gathering of refugee camps in the northern countryside of Idlib in order to arrest a suspect implicated in a law case filed by a person from Hama countryside, before residents in the camp expelled the police men.

On the other hand, HTS security services sent reinforcement to the camp to arrest the residents who expelled the police men, where they have arrested nearly 25 civilians. The residents who expelled the police men were hiding, while HTS security members were deployed in the camp.