The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

To help those affected by earthquake | Three planes carrying relief materials land in Syrian airports

Three planes carrying relief materials have landed in international Syrian airports to help those affected by the earthquake that hit Syrian and Turkish lands, where a Serbian and two Emirati planes landed in Syria.

According to SOHR statistics, 306 planes: 310 Arab and foreign ones and six planes of “Cham Wings,” have arrived in airports in regime-controlled areas since the earthquake hit the region; they are distributed as follows:
• 121 planes landed in Damascus international airport.
• 81 planes landed in Aleppo international airport.
• 103 planes landed in Latakia international airport.
These planes took off from Iran, Iraq, Russia, UAE, Egypt, Libya, India, Jordon, Armenia, Pakistan, Tunisia, Venezuela, Oman, China, Kazakhstan, Bangladesh, Belarus, Sudan, Saudi Arabia, Japan, Norway and Germany. The total toll includes a plane of “Cham Wings,” an Italian plane and a plane affiliated to UNICEF landed in Lebanon. Among the total number of those planes are 172 planes were sent by UAE.