Kemal Kilicdaroglu, Turkiye’s opposition candidate for the presidency, yesterday pledged to expel Syrian refugee from the country should he became president, RT Arabic reported.

Kilicdaroglu, the candidate of the opposition Nation Alliance, gave these remarks during a press conference held at the Turkish-Syrian borders.

He stressed that the Syrian refugees in Turkiye would be returned to their country within two years after he becomes president.

“We will send our Syrian brothers and sisters to their homeland within two years. We will also return Afghans to their country of departure, Iran years,” he said.

“The country’s border is its honor,” he added. “We have no prejudice against any country, any citizen, or rather any foreigner, [however] … we want to live freely in our own country. We do not want the demographic structure of our own country to change.”

Presidential elections are due to held in Turkiye on 14 May.