The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Expected attack | “Asayish” forces put on high alert in vicinity of prison hosting “ISIS” members in Al-Qamishly

Al-Hasakah province: SOHR activists have monitored an heavy deployment and high alertness by members of Internal Security Forces “Asayish” in the vicinity of “Alaya” prison in Al-Qamishly city and the streets of the neighbourhood, after receiving information about a planned attack by members of “ISIS” cell in SDF uniform on the prison. The military forces conducted night searche without any arrests. They also closed schools for the safety of the students.


It is noted that “Alaya” prison hosts “ISIS” members.


On March 5, SOHR activists monitored security mobilization of the security forces in areas of the “Autonomous Administration” in the vicinity of Al-Sina’a (Ghuwairan) prison in Al-Hasakah, deployed armoured vehicles and cut roads in the vicinity of the prison by Commandos Forces.


This coincided with the deployment of the Essential Protection Forces in the vicinity of Alaya prison in Al-Qamishly, amid reports of the disobedience of prisoners including those belonging to ISIS.