The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Increasing suffering | Floods cut roads and damage agricultural crops in camps in NE Syria

Heavy rainstorms caused formation of floods that affected wide areas of agricultural lands and villages in low areas in northern and eastern of Syria, where water entered inside houses, killed a lot of sheep, cut roads between towns and cities and destroyed some bridges.

The water of the tributaries of the Khabour River, “Jarjab and Zarkan”, were drained due to the heavy rain accompanied by thunder, which continued from midnight Tuesday-Wednesday until Wednesday evening, after the rain had stopped for more than two months in the current winter season.

The water flooded the road between Al-Raqqa and Al-Hasakah, causing over ten accidents and caused the cars to flip.

Moreover, the water entered the displacement camps and inside tents of displaced people in Sere Kanye camp in Al-Hasakah, forcing some people to displace to other tents.