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Fifth anniversary of displacement of Afrin residents | Protests erupt in Al-Shuhabaa, Al-Shaikh Maqsoud and Manbij city

Aleppo province: Hundreds of people displaced from Afrin went out on protests in Al-Shuhabaa and Al-Shaikh Maqsoud neighbourhoods in Aleppo and areas in northern Aleppo countryside, in the fifth anniversary of them being displaced due to the military operation that Turkey executed in 2018.

The protestors denounced the Turkish violations in Afrin.

Moreover, protestors raised banners that read “Afrin is ours and will remain ours”… “we will raise the level of resistance and fight the occupation.”

Residents of Manbij city participated in the protests stages by the Civil Administration in Manbij and its countryside under the slogan “by the unity of the people we shall free Afrin”, on the fifth anniversary of being displaced from Afrin.

The protests headed towards Al-Thalathin St., amid anti-Turkish chants.