The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Security chaos in Daraa | Nearly 100 incidents of security disorder leave 79 people dead, while regime authorities fail to control security situation

Daraa province, which is located in south Syria, has experienced alarming escalation of security chaos, amid regime authorities failure to control the security situation, where attacks are documented on a daily basis, where attackers target civilians, combatants, collaborators with security services and former fighters of opposition factions.


The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR) have monitored and tracked these incidents, documenting 97 attacks since early 2023. These attacks left 79 people dead; they are as follows:


  • 25 civilians, including a child, a boy, three women and two men accused of “involving in drug business.”


  • 39 regime soldiers, members and collaborators with regime security services.


  • Three former fighters who did not join any military formation, after striking reconciliation deals.


  • Five ISIS members.


  • Three ex-combatants with settled-status working for regime services and backed militias.


  • Two people working for the Lebanese Hezbollah.


  • One “collaborator” with Iranian-backed militias.


  • An ex-fighter in the former Jabhat Al-Nusra


Here is a monthly distribution of attacks documented in Daraa in 2023:


  • January: 48 attacks left 35 fatalities.


  • February: 24 attacks left 18 fatalities.


  • March: 25 attacks left 26 fatalities.


The Syrian Observatory warns against the serious situation in Daraa province in light of the considerable escalation of security chaos and proliferation of arms. SOHR also holds the Syrian regime responsible for all attacks executed in the province, as its authorities have failed so far to put an end to the security vacuum which has prevailed since regime forces regained control of the Daraa in 2018.