The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Since beginning of March | Regime security services arrest over 80 civilians including child and woman

Regime forces launched wide-range arrest campaigns in (Damascus – Deir Ezzor – Daraa) against civilians arbitrarily and without arrest warrants, where SOHR activists documented the arrest of over 82 civilians including a child and a woman since the beginning of March, where most of them were arrested by security services for unknown reasons, others for “terrorism charges” and others to perform compulsory services, while the fate of all the arrested people remain unknown.

The details are as follows:

• On March 1: Members of “Political Security” in plainclothes arrested five young men in Qudsaya district in the western-north of Rif Dimashq. According to SOHR sources, among the arrested persons included those who evade “compulsory service”.

• On March 2: SOHR sources reported that regime soldiers stationed at checkpoint in Deir Ezzor started a security campaign yesterday, arresting nearly 30 civilians for driving them to reserve service. Regime soldiers stationed at Al-Fondoq (the Hotel) checkpoint, aka “Al-Talae’ checkpoint,” at the western entrance of Deir Ezzor city arrested six young men, including a university student. Moreover, regime soldiers stationed at Al-Jesr Al-Harbi (the Military Bridge) checkpoint between Deir Ezzor and Al-Husayniyah town arrested three people, including a 46-year-old teacher.

• On March 4: Members of the Military Intelligence deployed at a mobile checkpoint at the outskirts of Ma’arat Saidaniya town in Rif Dimashq and arrested three young men, two of which hail from Saidaniya and the third hails from Ma’arat Saidaniya, for “not performing compulsory service”, amid investigation of passengers and elders and searching vehicles.

• On March 6: Members of a patrol of the Military Intelligence Department arrested four young men, two of which are from Haza town and two others from Jobar neighbourhood and living in Ain Tarma in Rif Dimashq for “not performing compulsory service.”

• On March 7: Members of the Military Police Department arrested 12 young men in Yalda town in Rif Dimashq for “failing to perform compulsory service”, where the members deployed at Baibla and Al-Balaa squares and Al-Kashk yard in the town, stopped and inspected the identity cards of the passengers.

• On March 8: SOHR sources reported that members of state security service opened fire on a civilian from Inkhil city in northern Daraa, while he was on the outskirts of the city, before arresting him. It is worth noting that the man, who sustained various injuries, had worked for the state security service in 2018 for awhile, and he had not joined any military or security formations since then.

• On March 9: SOHR sources reported that regime security services arrested a civilian, while he was crossing on his motorcycle through a security checkpoint in Madaya town in Rif Dimashq. It is worth noting that the members stationed on the checkpoint opened fire on the civilian, before arresting him. They also arrested another civilian, after shooting and injuring him.

• On March 10: Regime forces arrested a child of special needs, who hails from Jassim city in Daraa countryside, where he was taken to the juvenile prison in Qudsaya district in Rif Dimashq, without knowing the reasons behind his arrest.

• On March 13: SOHR sources reported that members of the regime’s military intelligence branch stormed neighbourhoods in Al-Tel city in western Qalamoun in Rif Dimashq, arresting six people arbitrarily. The six people were taken to a regime security centre and their fare remained unknown.

• On March 14: SOHR sources reported that the military intelligence service launched a security campaign in Arbeen city in Rif Dimashq, arresting five civilians for “involving in acts of terrorism.” The whereabouts of the five civilians remained unknown. According to SOHR sources, the arrested people had struck reconciliation deals with the Syrian regime.

• On March 14: Regime’s security services arrested a woman from Tahta town in eastern Daraa countryside, while she was in Al-Mowasaa hospital in Damascus, to go with her husband who died affected by the wounds he sustained in family disputes.

• On March 15: SOHR activists reported that security services of the regime launched raiding campaigns in Jairod city in Rif Dimashq and arrested several young men to perform compulsory service, where they were taken to security centres of the regime.

• On March 16: Regime forces arrested several civilians in Al-Mayadin and Al-Ashara area in Deir Ezzor countryside, and arrested a young man from Boqros village after he shot a patrol in Al-Mayadin and he was taken to an unknown destination.

• On March 17: Security Services of the regime stormed a house in Qodsiya district in Rif Dimashq and arrested all members of a family with no information about the charges pressed against them, where they were taken to a security centre of the regime, coinciding with security mobilization in the region.

• On March 18: Regime soldiers arrested two young men from Jassim city in western Daraa countryside, while they were heading towards the capital Damascus at Mankat Al-Hatab checkpoint on the highway between Damascus and Daraa, with no reports of the reasons behind their arrest and their fates remained unknown.