The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Dozens families become homeless | Floods enter camps in northern Aleppo and displace people

Several camps, sheltering centres and residential compounds were damaged by the heavy rainfall that formed floods causing huge damages to properties of displaced people living in camps in northern Aleppo countryside.

Nearly 200 tents in “Yazibaj” camp in northern Aleppo countryside were damaged, and floods damaged three tents in “Shamari” camp in northern Aleppo countryside.

Displaced people living in camps in northern Aleppo countryside suffer harsh living conditions, with inability of humanitarian and rescue organizations to help them, after water entered the tents due to the heavy rainfall, where dozens of families have become homeless.

Earlier today, several camps which house displaced people in areas in Idlib countryside north west of Syria had massive damages due to the extreme rainstorm and the floods followed it, where rain water entered tens of tents of the displaced people in more than 35 camps, resulted in damages ranging between total and partial.

According to SOHR sources, heavy rainfalls continued for early hours on Saturday morning, causing damages to “Wadi Haroun” camp in Herzah town north of Idlib, “Al-Bufares” camp on the outskirts of the same town, “Ajyal” camp in Kelely town and “Al-Hamoud” camp between Sarmada and Batebo, in addition to other camps on the outskirts of Jesr Al-Shoghour city in the western countryside of Idlib.