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Turkey, Syria unite in fight against ISIS

Tanks of Turkish Armed Forces fire at positions of the terrorist organization “Islamic state” in the north of Syria, the Turkish newspaper Milliyet said Aug.17.

The shelling of ISIS militants’ positions is conducted from the territory of the province of Kilis in southern Turkey.

Together with the shelling, the Free Syrian Army started offensive on the ISIS positions.

It was earlier reported that Turkey drew up military equipment to the country’s southern province of Sirnak, which borders with Syria.

Reportedly, along with military equipment, army units and security forces have also gathered in the province.

Earlier, the Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu said Turkey is determined to continue fighting against the terrorist organization “Islamic State” (IS, also known as ISIS or ISIL).

Cavusoglu said the moderate opposition forces can be deployed in the Syrian territories liberated from IS. In addition, the Syrian refugees can return to these areas.

“Turkey and the United States will soon launch a joint massive operation against the IS terrorists,” said Cavusoglu.

In late July, a powerful explosion occurred in the Turkish city of Suruc on the border with Syria. Some 32 people were killed in the attack, and about 100 were injured.

On July 25, the Turkish air force kick-started a major military air operation in northern Syria against the IS.