The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

“Truffle” trap | IS*IS cells att*ack civilians and slau*ghter seven of them in Hama

Hama province: SOHR activists have monitored a horrific crime committed by ISIS cells in Wady Al-Azib in eastern Salmiya countryside, where seven civilians from Abo Al-Zohor city in Idlib countryside were killed.

According to reliable SOHR sources, the civilians were slaughtered by ISIS cells, while collecting “truffle” in the area between Jarf Marina and Harbiya eastern to Athriya in Salmiya countryside eastern of Hama.

The “truffle” is considered a source of financial benefit for the civilians, where it is sold for nearly 75,000 Syrian Liras for each kilogram, while one kilogram of truffle is sold for 180,000 Syrian Liras in Damascus.

ISIS cells take advantage of the needs of civilians and combatants, to trap them in the deathtrap of “truffle” that grows in the Syrian desert.

According to SOHR statistics, the number of fatalities in military operations in the Syrian desert since early 2023 has increased to 69; and they are as follows:
• Four ISIS members were killed in clashes with regime forces and Russian airstrikes on ISIS hideouts in the deserts of Homs, Al-Suwaidaa, Hama, Al-Raqqah, Deir Ezzor and Aleppo.
• 65 members of regime forces and their proxy militias, including 14 Iranian-backed Syrian and non-Syrian militiamen, were killed in 46 operations by ISIS members, including ambushes, armed attacks, and explosions, in west Euphrates region and the deserts of Deir Ezzor, Al-Raqqah, Homs, Al-Suwaidaa, Hama and Aleppo.
In addition, 94 civilians, including a woman, were killed in attacks by ISIS in the Syrian desert.
Here is a regional distribution of ISIS attacks in 2023:
-Homs desert: 17 operations left 106 fatalities:
• 29 combatants, including three Iranian-backed militias.
• 77 civilians, including a woman.
-Al-Raqqah desert: Seven operations left 16 fatalities:
• 11 regime soldiers
• Three ISIS members.
• One civilian.
• An NDF member.
-Deir Ezzor desert: 16 operations which left 26 fatalities:
• 24 combatants, including 11 Iranian-backed militias.
• One ISIS member.
• One civilian.
-Hama desert: Five operations left 12 civilians and one member of the National Defence Forces dead.
-Aleppo desert: One operation left three civilians dead.