The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

8 civilians killed in the intense aerial bombardment on the countryside of Hama

Hama Province:

The helicopters dropped barrel bombs on the village of al- Msheik in Sahl al- Ghab killing 3 people at least while others were wounded. The death toll is expected to rise because there are some people in critical situation. They also dropped other barrels on the villages of al- Hwayja, al- Zyarah, al- Daqmaq, al- Hwash, al- Amqiyya and Qastoun in Sahl al- Ghab and on the town of Kafar Zita in the north of Hama. The number of civilians who were killed due to dropping barrel bombs on the town of al- Latamnah has risen to 5; 3 women and 2 children.