The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Continuous bombardment on the city of al-Zabadani and ongoing clashes there

Rif Dimashq Province:

clashes are still ongoing between Hezbollah, the regime forces, Palestinian Liberation army and NDF against the Islamic factions supported by local gunmen in the town of al-Zabadani, the clashes accompanied by bombing by the regime forces and targeting areas in the city with rockets and missiles, also the city witnessed today bombardment by about 30 rockets believed to be ground-to-ground launched by the regime forces on areas of the city, in addition to dropping more than 26 barrel bombs by the helicopters on places in al-Zabadani, also the regime forces arrested a number of citizens in the Khan al-Shih area in the Western Ghouta, according to activists from the region, while fighter was killed in a raid by the warplanes on areas in al-Qalamoun, also shells landed at areas in the city Ma’addamyyat al-Sham in the Western Ghouta, while the regime forces opened its snipers fire on areas in the village of Bsima in Wadi Barada.