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Exploiting disaster of earthquake to bring in military equipment | IRGC turns “Al-Baath Vanguards” encampment into military barrack in Deir Ezzor

Deir Ezzor province: SOHR sources have reported that IRGC has turned the “Al-Baath Vanguards” encampment in the western side of Deir Ezzor city into “Revolutionary Guard’s Vanguards,” where the camp hosts the largest Iranian militias gathering.


According to sources, 64 trucks loaded with equipment and military logistics have entered the encampment of “Al-Baath Vanguards” since the earthquake that hit Syria and Turkey, under a cover of the delivery of aid through the border gate with Iraq. Several militias, including the Afghan “Liwaa Fatmiyoun” which moved the training of its newly affiliated members from Ayash warehouses, fearing bombing by unknown aircrafts or the “International Coalition,” are stationed in the “Al-Baath Vanguards” encampment.


In the eastern side of the encampment, there is a special building of Lebanese “Hezbollah” where meetings of commanders are conducted, in addition to the presence of rocket launchers of Hezbollah.


“Al-Baath vanguards” encampment is located near Al-Dahiyah neighbourhood, in which the headquarters of “Liwaa Al-Baqer” and the youth accommodation, which contains nearly 100 families of the Iranian and Afghani members who came for more than a year, are located.