The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Second attack in 24 hours | Successive explosions rock south-western Damascus following Israeli rocket fire

SOHR sources have reported that Israeli missile hit positions of regime forces and Iranian-backed militias in the area between Qatna and Jadidat Artouz in the south-west of the capital, Damascus.


Meanwhile, SOHR activists have reported hearing successive explosions in the area, as the missiles hit a weapons and ammunitions warehouse.


Regime air defences managed to intercept at least one Israeli missile. However, no casualties have been reported so far.


This is the second Israeli attack on Syria in 24 hours and the eighth attack in 2023.


Earlier this morning, SOHR sources reported that Israel renewed their attacks on Syrian land for the fifth time in March, as it targeted positions of Iranian-backed militias in south of the Syrian capital Damascus with missiles in the early hours of Thursday morning, where violent explosions were heard in Kafarsousah area and Al-Midan neighbourhood, amid outbreak of fires near the southern highway in the capital. The regime air defences tried to intercept the missiles.


The strikes resulted in the destruction of at least one position of the militias, amid information about causalities in their ranks, and the injury of members of the regime.