The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Tenth att*ack in 2023 | Israel targets the area of Damascus International Airport and Iranian position in Damascus

Israeli missiles were fired on the area of the Damascus International Airport, an Iranian position near the area of Al-Saida Zainab and Al-Ma’amil (laboratories) area in Al-Kaswa, while missiles of the Syrian Air-Defence were fired to block them and managed to block at least two missiles.

Violent explosions were heard in the area of Qasiyon Mountain and Al-Saida Zainab area, which is believed to be due to missiles of the regime’s Air-Defence, while ambulance vehicles rushed to the targeted areas.

It is worth noting that Israel has targeted Syrian territory ten times since the beginning of 2023.

Yesterday, Israeli attacks, which hit military positions of the regime and the Iranian militias in Homs in the early hours of Sunday morning, left causalities and material damage, where a weapons warehouse of Lebanese “Hezbollah” in Al-Dab’ah military airport area in the western countryside of Homs, which has been controlled by Lebanese “Hezbollah” for eight years, was destroyed. The strikes also destroyed an air defence battery in the scientific research area in the western countryside of Homs and targeted the scientific research centre.

The attack left two Iranian-backed militiamen dead, and five members of air defence forces injured so far.