The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

About 700 dead and wounded in the strikes by the regime forces warplanes on cities and towns in al-Gouta in a week

It Rose to 181 the number of citizens who were killed since the 12th of August until today 19th of August by dozens of air strikes by the regime’s warplanes targeting several areas in the cities and towns of Harasta, Erbeen, Hammuriyya, Saqba and KafrBatna in the Eastern Ghouta, Among the total of deaths are18 children under the age of eighteen years and 7 women citizens over the age of 18, in addition to members of the police and the local council and civil defense forces, air strikes by the regime warplanes also injured about 500 others including dozens of children, men and women, plus dozens of wound who have had serious injuries and disabilities.