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Rejecting normalization | Protests erupt in Al-Bab and Jinderes in Aleppo against the regime

Aleppo province: Hundreds of residents of Al-Bab city in eastern Aleppo countryside and Jinderes town in Afrin countryside went out on protests rejecting the normalization with the regime, and the protestors held banners that read: “You commit crimes and we have to accept normalization”, “We thought Saudi was better” and “We thank the countries that refuse normalization with the murderer of the Syrian people.”

On April 5, hundreds of residents of Idlib city went out on protests rejecting normalization with Al-Assad’s regime, following the latest agreements between the deputy foreign ministers of Syrian, Turkish, Iranian and Russian regimes in Russia.

The protestors held banners that read: “no normalization with murderers”.. “what is forcingly taken is only forcingly retrieved”.. “murderer of children must be held accountable.”